Welcome to the Chinese Medicine and Wellbeing Centre. Our aim and passion is to empower our clients to improve their quality of life and to achieve their health and wellness goals. Working alongside western medical practitioners gave us the opportunity to identify gaps in the current health care system. Eastern and western medicine have strengths and weaknesses, so it is beneficial to integrate the two for a more holistic diagnosis and treatment.
We were drawn to practice Chinese medicine as it supported our vision, providing a unique way of understanding health, sickness and the body. Chinese medicine and acupuncture is effective in treating current conditions as well as preventative care. This has given us the ability to provide a continuous health service to support our clients in improving and maintaining their health long term. All our practitioners are registered in acupuncture and herbal medicine with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia.


Eisa Alingcastre
Eisa has over 15 years of experience in Chinese medicine practice. Eisa have particular interests in providing health care for clients who need fertility support. Her goal is to increase their chance of becoming pregnant, reduce morning sickness and promote a healthy delivery. Chinese medicine can also be practiced alongside IVF, to increase the chance of egg production, embryo formation, and the success of embryo implantation. More importantly, help clients cope with the stress and anxiety that they may experience during IVF treatments.

Nelson Alingcastre
Nelson incorporates life coaching with Chinese medicine practice. Life coaching identifies the underlying mental or emotional cause of physical symptoms. As a complementary therapy, life coaching will enhance the effectiveness of Chinese medicine treatments. In the long run, clients will be empowered to become more aware of the underlying causes of their health conditions. Nelson will work alongside and support clients to make lifestyle changes for long term health goals.